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Increase the production output of your existing washing machines by up to 25% for 74% less than the cost of an additional washer and save valuable floor space too!

It is much less expensive to install a heater to supply pre-heated water to electrically heated washing machines than it is to buy more washing machines.

For Example:

It takes 16 minutes to heat the water in a 23kg washing machine (with standard 18kw elements) from a cold incoming temperature of 15 deg c to 70 deg c. which is an average hot washing temperature. A new 23kg washing machine costs approximately R97,000 (excl.vat) and has a production capacity of about 28kg per hour allowing 1.25 cycles per hour. The capital cost of production in this example is therefore R97,000 divided by 28 = R3,464 per kg

If the incoming water was preheated so that the temperature in the machine is 55 deg c the heating time would be reduced from 16 minutes to 4 minutes, a saving of 75% in heating time and 25% in production time = 7kg extra production per hour.

A heating unit to supply the hot water in this example would cost R10,600 (excl.vat) but it could supply enough hot water to serve 3 x 23kg washers. Therefore 7kg x 3 machines = 21kg production for R10,600 = R504 per kg versus R3,464 kg per hour. A saving in capital cost of 85%.

Please note that this is a simplified example. Each situation is unique as many factors need to be taken into account. However if you would like to find out if you can benefit from a hot water heating system please e-mail us at


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