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Used and refurbished machines

NOTE: Stock constantly changing please contact for current info.
  • Ref 1: Raillem Washers: 75kg Capacity; Front Loading; No Extraction; Steam Heated. Sold 'voetstoots'.

  • Ref 2: Supreme Laundry Utility Press: Manually Operated; No Compressor Needed; Electrically Heated. Good Condition.

  • Ref 4: Sea Lion YDI2800 Cylinder-Type Dryer Ironer: Steam heated; Drum Dimensions 2800mm x 800mm; Through-Feed. Sold 'voetstoots' or reconditioned with guarantee.

  • Ref 5: Sea Lion Jacket Former: Steam Heated. As New Condition.

NOTE: When enquiring about these machines please state the reference # of those you are interested in. Click here to send your enquiry:


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